Randy O’Toole At The Mat-Su Borough

I attended part of an assembly work session at the Matanuska Assembly Chambers this afternoon. Randy O’Toole of the Cato Institute gave a presentation on planning at the session. I thought it was very interesting. O’Toole is an advocate of free-market solutions in planning rather than centralized planning. He discusses how Houston and Dallas, Texas Read more about Randy O’Toole At The Mat-Su Borough[…]

Should You Move In Before Closing?

Buyers and Sellers often find themselves in situations in which the the buyer wants to move in before closing. Realtors generally hate early occupancy, this post will discuss some of the reasons why and some of the ways to try to prevent the potential risks. Nevertheless…remember Murphy’s Law. I think old Murphy probably discovered his Read more about Should You Move In Before Closing?[…]