Wasilla and Palmer Real Estate Market, Have We Bottomed Out?

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about winter trends in the Wasilla and Palmer real estate market. I was surprised to find that this past winter showed an increasing price and increased volume over the last few winters. I wondered if that was just a winter statistic that would not hold up if Read more about Wasilla and Palmer Real Estate Market, Have We Bottomed Out?[…]

Matanuska Electric Association Election

I attended the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Meeting yesterday. It featured presentations by three people running for the Matanuska Electric Association board. MEA is a cooperative that started way back in 1941 to bring Power to Palmer and surrounding areas. It quickly expanded to serve Chugiak, Sutton, and Wasilla. We are all members of Read more about Matanuska Electric Association Election[…]

Winter Sales Trends in Palmer and Wasilla

I thought I’d take a look at residential real estate statistics for Palmer and Wasilla. I wanted to just look at the winter sales since we just finished it…I hope. All the statistics are for Palmer and Wasilla residential real estate from the months of October through March 2005-2011. You can see from the chart Read more about Winter Sales Trends in Palmer and Wasilla[…]