Alaska Real Estate Consumer Disclosure

Alaska Real Estate law requires a real estate licensee to disclose the relationship that they have with you.

There are four possible types of relationships:

  1. Specific Assistance

  2. Representation

  3. Designated Licensee

  4. Neutral Licensee

At Valley Market Real Estate we generally represent the buyers that we work with.  Occasionally we provide specific assistance if it’s our listing that we are showing to a buyer or sometimes we will be neutral.

Please read the consumer disclosure at the link below.  This is not a contract, its a disclosure.  We will need you to sign it when we meet with you in person.


If you have read the disclosure and would like to receive the services that we give our clients please use the contact form at the bottom to send us a note indicating that you understand it.

We need you to do this before we can access to the password protected pages.